Maps and Atlases "Israeli Caves" Live at KDHX 7/6/10 (HD)

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Published on August 09 ,2010 by KDHX

Maps and Atlases perform "Israeli Caves" live at KDHX in Saint Louis, MO on July 6, 2010. Audio by Dan Kinney. Video by Ed Kleinberg. Edited by Matt Goad. Discover more great music (streaming audio, photos and more) at

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  • Evan Cooper
    Evan Cooper 5 years ago 4237

    I really hope everyone listens to Maps & Atlases. Math rock bands need more credibility. I hope one day I can see Tera Melos on mtv and it's not just me that's excited about it :3

  • bengibbard4always
    bengibbard4always 6 years ago 0405

    I smoked a cig with the bass player in chico at circa :) Must say i enjoyed their music a bit more than the main event!

  • John Perry
    John Perry 6 years ago 0920

    i like the new music, it is really good. however i fell in love with Maps and Atlases with less hair, mustaches and the super technical guitar and drum playing. Its cool to see bands evolve but i wish they would still play a few more of their older style songs. Either way, long live Maps and Atlases

  • Non Sum Eram
    Non Sum Eram 6 years ago 5535

    @dunn5 So basically you're telling them to stay starving, stay poor, and stay completely unaccredited for the fucking amazing music they put out? Ill admit, I liked their older stuff more. Their stuff from Trees Swallows Houses was fucking brilliant. But I want more than anything for these guys to actually be recognized for what they deserve. They DESERVE attention. They DESERVE to actually get something for the beautiful music they give us. /endrant

  • Austin Lowe
    Austin Lowe 7 years ago 4315

    I had a really vivid dream that I met dave on a well-lit hill. We played this song together :)

  • SpikeLee3000
    SpikeLee3000 7 years ago 4813

    @dunn5 Define "underground." They're in Ra Ra Riot's top 8. I think as far as successful indie bands go, they've "made it."

  • Clancy Bond
    Clancy Bond 7 years ago 2917

    @dunn5 fuck that. you deserve to get paid bigtime for music this great

  • TougeBoss
    TougeBoss 7 years ago 4605

    @dunn5 What does it matter if they reach a wide audience or not? Popularity doesn't instantly make them bad.... that is such a hipster thing to say... When music stops being innovative and stops being for the love of music... that makes music bad.... not popularity.

  • TheSpallanzani
    TheSpallanzani 7 years ago 1716

    this is like perfect, but my dream is to hear an LP based on "You and me and the mountain" EP

  • Neil Arkins
    Neil Arkins 7 years ago 0333

    Fantasic stuff. I bought the LP the other day and I am blown away. These guys have got a great balance between technique and melody. Definitely won me over.


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