Plain & Simple: Family Farming is a way of life.

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Published on November 01 ,2011 by Plainville Farms

Living near Amish Country and choosing a "plainer way of life" gives John and his 9 children a way to build a bond as they focus on growing all-natural, antibiotic free turkeys.

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  • Will
    Will 5 days ago 2909

    Always have respected the Amish culture

  • Narjis Narjis
    Narjis Narjis a week ago 0607

    يارب ارزقنا الحياة الطيبة يالله

  • TedandGay Crownover
    TedandGay Crownover 3 weeks ago 3213

    We just had one of your Turkeys for Thanksgiving and it was excellent. Tender & juicy and better flavor. Thank you.

  • Paul
    Paul 2 months ago 1237

    nah I ain't buying , These birds are suffering, no free range<<<< here we have amish in sin. You can not suffer animals. = sin.

  • Michael Long
    Michael Long 3 months ago 5848

    For one thing, they aren't Amish!!! They are Bible Brethren. Big difference!!! Another they make good money doing their turkeys and doing sawdust. Came across this today. Winand's you made it to YouTube 😂

  • Guderian
    Guderian 9 months ago 1300

    very nice thank u

  • jUsT a ViSiToR
    jUsT a ViSiToR 2 years ago 4442

    Why not have an open field for them during the day and house them at night. All these farmers for commercial sales is horrid.. Your Farm birds look like shit and their beaks are trimmed too short!

  • People Evil
    People Evil 2 years ago 1028

    Better than factory farms where they feed them steroids & abuse them daily

  • crazy808ish
    crazy808ish 3 years ago 5654

    This is just standard commercial turkey farming, nothing special about it. You can tell by the house design, and the fact that they're debeaked. Enjoying it? hah, they probably got suckered into the idea and now can't get out of debt except by growing more and turkeys.

  • Ku`iokalani
    Ku`iokalani 3 years ago 4051

    I'm interested in Amish farming techniques. 

    Horse/mule/donkey usage.
    Hay Bailing, crop production, animal processing, etc.

    Mahalo for any insights, tips, or suggestions.



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