Boboiboy Transformation [with Extended scene] (Eng Sub)

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Published on August 19 ,2012 by Vanila Fia

EDIT (16/1/14) : I'm sorry for my broken english here, yeah I know lots of mistakes here, haha. This video is my old job thing, you can laugh on me, dont laugh on Boboiboy---

Update : Note : If I make any Boboiboy video with Eng sub, I translate MALAY into ENGLISH, so I didn't follow disney chanel's english.

Since I can't upload episode of Boboiboy with english subtitles, I can just put the some scene, I don't want my account been banned. Again -____- So I upload this for my friends from other country like Philiphines, USA or others to them can watch this. And sorry I did't find Boboiboy Extended Episode with HD ver.
The transformation from :
Boboiboy Tanah (Earth) to Boboiboy Gempa (Earthquake)
Boboiboy Petir (Lightning) to Boboiboy Halilintar (Lightning)
Boboiboy Angin (Wind) to Boboiboy Taufan (Hurricane a.k.a Cyclone)
Scene from Episode :
1) Boboiboy Episode 6 Part 1
2) Boboiboy Episode 22 Part 1 and 23 Part 1
3) Boboiboy Finale Episode 26 Part 2
This catoon not belongs to me but belong to the one who created Boboiboy (C) Animonsta Studio. Terbaikkkk...

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