Marcus Smart is Falling Down.. Flopping (Full 1080 HD)

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Published on March 17 ,2013 by Tom Koppe

Marcus Smart.. Falling Down.. Losing.. Flopping .. A Lot

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  • John Maggiacomo
    John Maggiacomo 2 years ago 5805

    I agree he flops but as a celtic gotta love the kid he's 6-4 and he guards power forwards at times. game 4 of the atlanta boston series he absolutely shut down Paul Milsap

  • forgotaboutbre
    forgotaboutbre 2 years ago 4851

    Ha! What a Bitch! Straight throwing himself into people.

  • lucas AR
    lucas AR 2 years ago 5827

    now he's in the nba tearing up guards like westbrook who did your team enter into the draft that year????

  • StephenTSG
    StephenTSG 4 years ago 3832

    IF LeBron is Flopman, Smart must be Flop Boy... I swear, he has some terrible flops against ISU. Like in the game at OSU, he barely got touched and acted like he got punched in the face...

  • LiVeLiKeURdying2
    LiVeLiKeURdying2 4 years ago 1921

    That flop is not as bad as the one he did on Selden when they played Jayhawks. Didn't even touch him and he falls. WTF! 

  • Zachary Roza
    Zachary Roza 4 years ago 0248

    A charge at 3:17? Hmm...

  • ExileOfSand
    ExileOfSand 4 years ago 4955

    Well can't wait to see the fines he wracks up in the NBA

  • MURDR63
    MURDR63 4 years ago 2228

    I saw one flop in this clip. 

  • Tim Mack
    Tim Mack 4 years ago 1845

    oh god never seem someone flop before call the ncaab police. Calm the fuck down college bball sucks anyway. If he was white this wouldn't be a big deal in the first place.

  • BurningBeard22
    BurningBeard22 4 years ago 1642

    Man, this needs updated. He's had some gems this season too. 


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