Our Homeschool Daily Routine: Vlogmas day1

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Published on December 02 ,2014 by Erica Arndt

Join me for a vlog of our daily routine!

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  • Jasmine Young
    Jasmine Young a week ago 2807

    This is my 1st year homeschooling and your videos have helped me tremendously. It was an honor watching your day with the kids. I look forward to more videos.

  • These Four Walls and Beyond
    These Four Walls and Beyond 4 weeks ago 2939

    Erica, where did you get your laundry cart with the baskets?

  • AnyaAnya Em
    AnyaAnya Em a month ago 0117

    I love that game for your youngest... I think I will start that with my second grader! 😊😊😊Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hannah's Simple Thoughts
    Hannah's Simple Thoughts a month ago 1929

    Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing your school day!!!!!! It helps me for some reason to see how others do things. πŸ˜€

  • Lauren Kovacs
    Lauren Kovacs a month ago 2907

    so neat to see this in action.

  • Najla Muhammad
    Najla Muhammad 2 months ago 5708

    Lol Starbucks is always bound to happen in any situation 😁

  • Landon Mc
    Landon Mc 2 months ago 5453

    I do homeschooling with my mom

  • Nikki23tx
    Nikki23tx 2 months ago 4259

    What do you use to adhere the posters to the walls without damage?

  • Makesi Oliver
    Makesi Oliver 3 months ago 1301

    do they get homework?

  • Homeschooling Mommy
    Homeschooling Mommy 4 months ago 0157

    This was such a joy to see! Your children look so happy and engaged, and you are so kind and patient. I just began homeschooling and I was concerned that we would drive each other nuts, but it's been such a blessing for my family & we are much closer. Thank you so much for sharing! You are inspiring to me. I bought your book and lots of your curriculum. I've been watching your videos and reading your site, soaking up all of the info lol! I'm so appreciative of you taking so much time to help moms like me! God bless you!


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