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Published on September 12 ,2014 by Pro Speed Baseball

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In this video we are going over the proper progression on how to teach a beginner how to catch a baseball. We will go over the most common mistakes most young aspiring baseball players make and how to teach them to catch in a progressive manner. By teaching your player/child in this way you provide them with small easily attainable steps in which at the completion of the progression, your player/child will be catching everything thrown at them!!

We will first start with the basic ability to catch a ball with our bare hands. This will be done at a very short distance with very slow under-hand throws to your player. The player will then catch with both hands and progressively work into catching with his/her glove side hand.

If the player exhibits "stabbing at the ball" tendencies, or trying to go get the ball versus receiving the ball, we will then implement a drill to counter this tendency. It is done simply by having the player extend the glove arm fully then catching the ball while bending the arm back towards the body.

The second progression is to put the glove on and increase the distance of the throw by 5-8 feet. The ball will be thrown under hand to the player while the player receives with both hand and glove. When player is comfortable with two hands, then progress to just the glove hand.

The last progression is to just repeat the second progression from slightly increased distances. By doing this the throws will become slightly increasingly harder due to the increased distance. This will allow the player to get used to faster and faster throws without even knowing it!!

I look forward to helping you improve your baseball in the future!

Pro Speed Baseball,
Michael Derr

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  • hakiem thomas
    hakiem thomas 3 weeks ago 2333

    great video i am in jamaica i cant catch that good in baseball

  • David vanVeen
    David vanVeen 2 months ago 4311

    Great video. My boys first season. This advise has been golden.

  • Matt_ 7
    Matt_ 7 3 months ago 0145

    It always falls out and I do what u sai

  • Fun With Tech
    Fun With Tech 4 months ago 0606

    which is the best glove under 800 rupees

  • Ninja Gaming
    Ninja Gaming 6 months ago 2725


  • Jace's World
    Jace's World 7 months ago 4229

    Thanks coach the tips are helping us to have a good season keep it coming.

  • Sean Cassidy
    Sean Cassidy 7 months ago 3814

    Great video and others as well, my boy's excited to start working on these drills (thankfully he's actually interested in the drills now with me). Keep up the great work on instruction :)

  • Anthony Salas
    Anthony Salas 7 months ago 1534

    this helps so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Tudrick
    Bill Tudrick 7 months ago 1430

    I helped me I'm a kid

  • Daddywolf 13
    Daddywolf 13 8 months ago 0343

    thanks trying to remember a few drills for my 10 yr old.She is just starting,so it helps.Do you have any suggestions for pop up drills?


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