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Published on August 17 ,2014 by Roshan Gidwani

Charming, Conspicuous, Celebratory.

The MC known as Rosh-G hails from a mixed background. He grew up in Australia & China and currently lives in Singapore. His passion began when he made a song for a Chinese television station that was picked up by the World Radio Network. It was an early break and a successful one. Why music? One might wonder as to why he is intrigued by expressing himself creatively. Travelling and growing up in different countries has led Rosh to take on projects that exemplify his talent, and while he does it: bringing people together.

Just last year, Mentos commissioned him to rap a song for Singapore's National Day that was publicised by every media outlet globally, including CNN.
He has performed at the the Miss Bikini Awards in Guangzhou, China and at the YOG Opening Ceremony in front of 20 million viewers worldwide.
Inspired by Kanye West's bravado and music's universal appeal, Rosh - G hopes to connect with his audience and entertain them. This former CLEO Magazine bachelor was apart of the AOS crew spearheaded by Celeste Chong.

Described as by "Pure Energy Personified" by local newspapers, Rosh - G was the resident MC of the Butter Factory in Singapore and used that platform to boost his showmanship.
"Let me clear my throat"!!

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