School Is Hard And So Is Your Math Teacher

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Published on October 13 ,2014 by Brakathor

This clip comprises scenes from the 2011 film "Razend." I've honestly never before seen a film which attempts to deal with the issue of sexual harassment in a completely serious attempt that fails so horribly in so doing, and instead comes across as being this comical just because of how staged, forced, and unrealistic all of the scenes are.

The director, Dave Schram, is indeed a sappy melodramatic canker sore on Dutch cinema. I've watched all of his movies. His movies are like if the Disney channel became mainstream and produced strings of family oriented movies that deal with serious issues like human trafficking, suicide, sexual exploitation, and stalking, in a cream puff sort of way that leaves you nauseous. They're all horrible, most of them laughably so, and they are subjects of ridicule. He is the Tommy Wiseau of Dutch movies, the problem is, in the Netherlands, a lot of people ACTUALLY took him seriously, and he made 5 more terrible movies! To me, that's still a good thing, but only because I have a strong penchant for anti-humour in films.

But why stop there? Let's break down how he crafts a scene.

At 0:39 it's the end of the school day, and the other teacher just goes away leaving his classroom completely open. Normally teachers always wait for everyone to leave, and lock up, but it's a Dave Schram movie, so instead, he wants the entire school to vandalize his classroom. Also, when Roos leaves the room, she's the very last one out, and far behind everybody. Why? Because if she was the first one out, all the other students would question why the hell the math teacher was aggressively accosting Roos and shoving her into the open classroom of the one teacher who runs home and never locks his fucking door. This would ruin EVERY shred of integrity in this entire garbage screenplay, not to mention, it would be a more complicated scene for poor Dave Schram to shoot. These two factors make the scene extremely forced, and would usually never happen in real life.

More importantly though, as far as character development goes, the math teacher is supposed to be very popular with the students, and he hasn't done anything wrong yet, so at this point in the movie, not only does the scene look weird, but the strong negative reaction of Roos doesn't really make sense.

Just after, when Roos leaves the school, once again NOBODY sees the math teacher chasing her, because for some unknown reason, despite the fact that school just ended, nobody else is around. Hiring extras does cost money after all, but let's forget about that for now. Instead, let's think about things from a sex predator's perspective. If you're a sex predator, how in any way does it serve your uncontrollable boner to chase her down the school court in broad daylight? You're obviously not going to rape her, and she already said no to tutoring, so what could it possibly accomplish to run after her that way other than terrorizing her, and tearing down the bond of trust that you built up with her and her friends up til that moment, which more importantly, may cause her to ACTUALLY report you for harassment? You wouldn't do it, not even if you were the dumbest sex predator in the world!

When I first saw the movie, I really had no idea what was going on at this point. They forced the sexual harassment sub-plot so much that you question if that's even what you're witnessing. It's true that there are a lot of cases where teachers prey on students, but in real life it's much more subtle. Most of the time in those cases, the student is groomed by the teacher, and he or she ONLY proceeds with the student if the student does indeed express a degree of interest in return. What else can I say? It's just a bad movie, and it's an insult to anyone who truly had to deal with sexual harassment.

For more information about the film, including reviews, click the following link:

The music used in the chase scene is "Yakety Sax," popularly known as the theme of "The Benny Hill Show," performed by The Edwin Davids Jazz Band:

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  • cooljosh776677
    cooljosh776677 9 hrs ago 3519

    :( you sick bastard raping a girl😭

  • The King
    The King 3 days ago 0625

    Wtf ?!

  • Shubham Rudrawar
    Shubham Rudrawar 3 days ago 3824

    I want interested fack girl any chatting otherscall me

  • Liz Campbell-rojas
    Liz Campbell-rojas 4 days ago 4350

    If that ever happened to me just one time I will tell my parents, report him to school for harassment, and tell the cops

  • AnaBertha Najera
    AnaBertha Najera 5 days ago 0056

    omg if l was that girl l will tell my mom and move to another school or something

  • Breakfast At Midnight
    Breakfast At Midnight 7 days ago 1309

    The subtitles are so wrong here and there ... he never said the lesson in my pants would feel much better hahahahahahah i'm dying xd

  • cherline caidor
    cherline caidor a week ago 3608

    I'm so sorry it's just so funny with the noises and the words 😂

  • rockroof
    rockroof a week ago 3404

    I love how you can bring light into a serious thing that actually happened to my ex
    Did that bitch take a trophy instead of a knife you do know that's where most people keep KITCHEN UTENSILS

  • The BloggersDesks
    The BloggersDesks a week ago 5500

    You should not miss this as well

  • MyLife IsãLie
    MyLife IsãLie 2 weeks ago 3612

    Omg frainkie! You found a gurl!

    I wonder where rai is?


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