Playmobil Passenger Airplane Airport Tower Playset Toy Review with Disney Queen Elsa Shopkins MLP

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Published on April 30 ,2015 by CookieSwirlC

Shopkins, My Little Pony, Disney Frozen Queen Elsa are boarding the Playmobil airplane in the awesome playset. Playmobil Cargo & Passenger Aircraft - 5261 toy review you can watch air traffic in the tower along with MLP Rainbow Dash, load the plane with cargo, and talk to the passengers (fill with any of your toys/dolls). Enjoy this review!

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  • Mauro Gonzalez
    Mauro Gonzalez 4 months ago 2458

    do more vรญdeos with gamer chad

  • Trina Vlogs
    Trina Vlogs 8 months ago 5201

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  • rheizel aranas
    rheizel aranas 8 months ago 1749


  • TheAmazingArch Gaming
    TheAmazingArch Gaming 9 months ago 3321

    Rarity had a diamond on his cargo

  • Johnnathan Alexander William Sidharta
    Johnnathan Alexander William Sidharta one year ago 2407


  • cute kitty cat
    cute kitty cat 2 years ago 5405

    I love your nails colour

  • Terry Hore
    Terry Hore 2 years ago 4632

    She had diamands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know why

  • Shanabiv
    Shanabiv 3 years ago 1137

    DIAMONDS!!!!! XD

  • M. Wilson
    M. Wilson 3 years ago 5657

    Rarity packed some Diamonds for the trip.โ™ฅโ™ฆ

  • MintyMinner
    MintyMinner 3 years ago 5602

    U are awesome


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