LG 2in1 Ventless Washer Dryer Not Drying (in time-lapse) Review

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Published on May 13 ,2015 by K1

This is a brand new LG two in one washer/Dryer bought in March 2015 that could not dry right out of box.

We bought this through Home Depot in Vancouver, BC, Canada

After 6 hours we were able to get a load dry. We are hoping it's simply malfunctioning, but we have not been able to get an estimate from LG how much a half dryer load (one quarter of the max washing load) is meant to take.

Is 6 hours dry time normal for this machine ? NO
We eventually got it replaced after showing LG this video (more than three months after we first brought it to their attention)
BY FAR the worst customer service we've ever dealt with, their 'Execute Team' were only willing to help after we made this video. We will not be repeat customers.

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  • Bill
    Bill 2 months ago 0210

    I have been looking for a new washer and was thinking about a combo washer/dryer. I'm seeing so many bad problems and reviews with LG that I have now ruled LG out.

  • klkeidel
    klkeidel 4 months ago 1427

    Hi K1, Thanks for taking the time to make/share this. QUestion: I am thinking about buying one of these units "used" but is adverstied as "New" I am a little nervous about the drying situation. Would you recommend against buying a "Used" new unit. They said they got it and have to move and the new place has units so they don't need to bring it. Lastly, we have 3 dogs, and 2 cats, so LOTS and LOTS of animal hair. WOuld you recommend not owning this because of that? I keep hearing about the lent trip situation. Our lent situation is crazy with all this hair, so I am assuming if we had this, it would be non-stop clogged. Is it easy to clean out? THanks!

    SHADOWBOXERBAYBEE 5 months ago 3316

    I have the one piece washer with above dryer. I can wash 3 pair of jeans with 3 bath towels socks etc full wash cycle less than 40 minutes and then I fluff them before placing them in the dryer and set it at 60 minutes. while it's going, I check to remove the lighter articles of clothing that is already dried, fluff the jeans and towels and another 20 minutes and they are fini. I wonder how much electricity this thing eats up if it takes from 2:30 - 5:00 hours to do one small load..... I hope my unit continues strong.

  • Jonathan Vega
    Jonathan Vega 6 months ago 4616

    That is not a dryer combo unit that is a washer like if you agree

  • Charles Tomberlin
    Charles Tomberlin 7 months ago 4704


  • Danielle Sevic
    Danielle Sevic 8 months ago 4328

    Also I would like to add I assembled my washing mashine MYSELF i specifically had the delivery and installation men leave the machine IN THE BOX and I installed it and assembled it myself

  • Danielle Sevic
    Danielle Sevic 8 months ago 4156

    I just bought a 2.3cu.ft lg washer/dryer similar to this machine, I HAVE NO PROBLEMS AT ALL with the drying cycle. Becuz it DOES use steam and cold water to condense water and dry clothes maybe this guy doesnt have the cold water hooked up? Ive been using my washing machine for 3mnths now and I LOVE IT!

  • Buddy B
    Buddy B 9 months ago 4409

    Thank you. Would you recommend me getting the store warranty or is the warranty under the company sufficient. I think the store warranty is a scam. what do yOu think

  • Buddy B
    Buddy B 9 months ago 4126

    Hello can you tell me who was there company that came and replaced the machine. was it LG or home depot. Thank you

  • Jon Schuck
    Jon Schuck 9 months ago 5325

    I have a similar/smaller model. My machine dries just fine, BUT, yea I need to service it every 6 mths or so and clean out the lint from the internal baffles. If everything is clean, something is wrong, probably the sensor.


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