Sisters Openly Share Long Held Secrets With Each Other | Veronicka & Marizza

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Published on July 12 ,2017 by Jubilee

"Aside from mom, you're one of my biggest critics...and I just don't want to disappoint you."

Marizza and Veronicka play "Never Have I Ever" with each other to reminisce about their pasts and explore where they are now. They talk about everything from stealing each other's clothes to feeling rejected by the other.

Marizza Espinosa
Veronicka Espinosa

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  • Uz Archille
    Uz Archille 2 days ago 0119

    There's alotttttt of stuff families hold in from each other

  • Alicia Gaming
    Alicia Gaming 3 days ago 1400

    It’s right, older sisters always get blamed

  • deniz kazanann
    deniz kazanann 5 days ago 3012

    Fuck this is my older sister and me

  • Redeemed
    Redeemed 5 days ago 1023

    This was very uncomfortable to watch.

  • Redeemed
    Redeemed 5 days ago 0827

    I’m a younger brother of an older brother so I can resonate with the younger sister. My brother chose his friends over me a lot, but it didn’t affect me that much I guess.

  • H Pretty
    H Pretty 6 days ago 4936

    omg, Veronika! I'm an older sister, too. And I get blamed for everything wrong they do! lol

  • Emmanuel Mendez
    Emmanuel Mendez 6 days ago 5736

    This went deep.. It's opening tho

  • Beatriz Zinn
    Beatriz Zinn 6 days ago 1220

    When she said "I'm Veronica" I was expecting a "And I'm Vanessa" lol

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 6 days ago 0822

    They don’t know de wey

  • wojahe7164
    wojahe7164 a week ago 5439

    Good video and much love for these ladies and there amazing relationship, but a little bit on the click bate side with this one.


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