The Young Pope Season 1, Episode 10 Review

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Published on February 16 ,2017 by What The Flick?!

The Young Pope season 1, episode 10 is reviewed by Alonso Duralde (TheWrap and Linoleum Knife podcast) and Tim Frisch.

In the Season 1 finale, Gutierrez returns to Rome a changed man after the Kurtwell investigation, prompting the pope to make a decision about the archbishop's fate. Meanwhile, Father Tomasso gets a promotion; and Lenny makes an unexpected change in travel plans and policy after learning about a possible reconciliation.

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A ten-part miniseries following the reign of Pope Pius XIII, the first American pontiff.

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  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown 4 months ago 1708

    I would give the series a 10/10...but the kangaroo died halfway through so 0/10.

  • Riva G
    Riva G 7 months ago 0927

    This was a great series. I hope the second season has at least one woman reviewing it.

  • Cellophanity Frog
    Cellophanity Frog 9 months ago 1428

    It was nice to see Tim Frisch show some humility and diplomacy in his review of this series. I watched some Walking Dead reviews where he acted like the most pretentious arrogant douchebag on the planet.  So, perhaps someone who doesn't have such a strong bias against Walking Dead should be reviewing that show instead.  The young pope was a good watch but had flaws in the story telling, believability of certain characters including the Pope himself and lack of a central focus.  I think Jude Law was a miscast, not because he isn't American, but because he is too much of an aristocrat, upper class , snob to pull off a working class orphan, rags to riches pope, who butts heads with the aristocratic elitism inhabiting the Vatican.  He would have been more suited to playing one of the snobbish Cardinals than the antithesis.  He can play the American roles where the character is upper class well enough, but he has this silver spoon up his ass and it comes out in every role he tries to play.  I think they would have been far better off with a more down to earth nitty gritty no-nonsense actor to play this role.  That is just my opinion of course, I still enjoyed the series.

  • Alya T
    Alya T 10 months ago 3854

    they did hint his heart issues throughout the entire series

  • Deric Tabora
    Deric Tabora 10 months ago 3906

    I hope they don't make a second season

  • Evelyn Rojo
    Evelyn Rojo 10 months ago 2514

    people in the comments gave a better analysis of this episode than these two guys. They are pretty much just saying that they are confused about a lot of things in the show, but show no real analysis on the context of those scenes. they are almost showing that they have no real knowledge on film making, or any capability of seeing deeper into this show than just what's on the surface. it's sad that other people with less viewers have more talent than this show.

  • beach bum
    beach bum 10 months ago 0548

    One thing bugging the end when lenny looks up to the clouds. there it shows either jesus or mary ..I couldn't make it out..i think jesus...

  • moni2415
    moni2415 10 months ago 4847

    Mr. Duralde is so blinded by his fervent anti-Catholicism that he can't see the forest for the trees. I don't love the Church, as I'm a lapsed Catholic but to state that Lenny is just a jerk is huuuuge oversimplification. You Americans are so shallow.

  • NeoMaxim
    NeoMaxim 10 months ago 0350

    I think people who have read the Bible and are familiar with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and church history get the most out of this show.

  • Ryan Olson
    Ryan Olson 10 months ago 1630

    Also, what do people think about the scene where Lenny told Gutierrez that he doesn't believe in God because people who believe in God believe in nothing?


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